5 Ways Security Cameras Improve Hospitals

August 23rd, 2018

When it comes to hospitals in Billings, MT, there is always the concern of providing quality healthcare with the need for safety. Hospitals are public buildings, and so anyone can walk in through the front doors and, potentially, enter into areas that they shouldn’t. This is one of the reasons why hospital security is so important, and that’s why people concerned with security for the hospitals of Billings, MT, should consider a comprehensive security camera system. These five reasons clearly explain why.

Better Deterrence

A security camera is an eye that never blinks and is always watching. As a result, it is a “constant witness” and that means that in areas where security cameras are visible and have a clear view of the surroundings, crime drops. The reason is simple, people who commit crimes want to have an easy time doing it, and the threat of having an image caught on camera, committing a crime can be an important deterrent. Why commit a crime where it can be witnessed when there are likely to be easier targets elsewhere?

Investigation Aid

In the event that something does happen, the camera, as a perfect witness, also provides the perfect memory. There’s no need to recall what a person’s face looked like, or what kind of clothes they were wearing when photographic evidence exists. What’s more, this type of image capture is readily admissible in court as evidence that is hard to dispute. It’s much better than an eye-witness account.

Safety For Patients

Security cameras don’t just prevent crime; in a hospital setting, sometimes they can save lives, or prevent injuries. Patients that fall out of bed, for example, or delirious/dementia-impaired patients that may leave their bed and wander the halls, can be quickly identified, located and helped. Security personnel can’t be everywhere, and neither can nurses, but cameras can always watch and help in these situations.

Employee Efficiency

Another important side-effect of having cameras always watching is that it doesn’t just act like a security officer, it also acts as a supervisor for staff, always on the watch. Staff will be less prone to “slacking” when they know that records can be pulled up about their activities while on the job. This will generally result in better performance.

Reduced Theft

It’s sad to say, but not everyone is perfect or ethical and hospitals, unfortunately, can be regular victims of theft due to the presence of drugs and other pharmaceuticals. Opioids are on the rise, and they can be very lucrative to traffic which has resulted, unfortunately, in hospital staff actually resorting to theft for the massive profit potential of black market opioid sales. With security cameras properly working in tandem with other security measures, it can be much easier to either deter theft or quickly conduct an investigation to locate the culprit.

If you’re interested in getting more security for your hospital in Billings, MT, DIS Technologies can help! Just contact us, and explain what your needs are, and we can see about assessing your facilities and finding out what kind of security infrastructure would benefit you the most.