5 Ways Video Surveillance Can Improve Your Business Productivity

August 23rd, 2019

Your business is only as successful as your least-productive employee. Maintaining a high productivity rate throughout your staff can help give your Billings, MT business the competitive edge it needs to succeed. By installing video surveillance in your office building, you’re not only ensuring higher productivity, you’re ensuring employee safety. A small investment today can pay off in improved performance tomorrow. 

Create A Sense Of Supervision 

Employees who know that they are being watched are less likely to goof off while on the clock. They are more likely to work harder at their assigned duties to accomplish their daily goals. This means higher productivity for your business and better staff performance. Place your security cameras in the following areas to ensure proper supervision:

  • Meeting rooms
  • Lobbies and reception areas 
  • Cash registers
  • Parking lots
  • Break rooms

Protect Workers In Emergencies 

A security system that includes a commercial fire alarm system, access control system, and surveillance cameras will make your Billings, MT facility safer for everyone. Smoke detectors and fire alarms can signal a problem at its earliest stage. Access control systems can keep track of anyone who enters and exits restricted areas in the building. Video surveillance can locate staff members in the event of an emergency. Together, these components can keep your employees safe when a dangerous situation occurs.    

Monitor Attendance Patterns 

Office security and video surveillance systems can keep track of your staff attendance patterns. On-site surveillance can keep track of those who consistently arrive late to work, or leave the office early. It can also be used to evaluate employee performance. The evidence provided by security cameras and access control can be used to support disciplinary actions taken by management. 

Ensure A Safer Working Environment 

The presence of surveillance cameras can keep your staff from engaging in unsafe behaviors. If an accident does occur, however, the video evidence can show exactly what happened. This can show if negligence was involved, if the accident was deliberate, or if steps could have been taken to avoid the incident. This can assist business owners with workers compensation claims and OSHA investigations.  

Reduce Employee Theft 

No business owner wants to think an employee could steal from them, but employee theft is an unfortunate reality that business owners must be aware of. Employees are less likely to attempt a theft, however, if they know that their actions are being monitored by a security camera. Continual video surveillance is a strong deterrent that will keep employees from taking their chances with your money or merchandise. Surveillance software with facial recognition ensures that you can identify every move and possible fraudulent intent before it even begins.

The expert team at DIS Technologies can offer you the most comprehensive business security and surveillance systems available in Billings, MT. Practical, cost-effective, and full of protection, we’ll help you find the best security solution to meet your needs. Contact us today to get your business security system plans started.