Churches & Daycares Can Be More Secure

April 26th, 2019

A church or a daycare in Billings, MT should, in theory, be one of the safest places that a person can go. After all, in a daycare situation, this is where children are supposed to be looked after until parents can get off work and resume parenting duties. Moreover, a church or other places of worship, like a synagogue or mosque is, of course, a place of sanctuary, where people commune with God.

Unfortunately, just because these are considered safer spaces in Billings, MT, that doesn’t mean that they are immune to crime, or, in the worst case scenarios, acts of violence, like shooting. The USA is the #1 country in the world for gun violence, and these shootings don’t restrict themselves just to schools. People in places of worship, and children in daycare are incredibly vulnerable, but some things can be done to create a more secure environment.

Security Camera Systems

One of the best things that a church, another place of worship, or daycare can implement is a security camera system. Security cameras, placed in strategic locations around a church or a daycare are one of the most important investments you can make for these environments.

It’s important to have security cameras both inside a building, in numerous areas, as well as outside a building. It is providing surveillance to the entrances and exits. While not necessary, it’s always a good idea to have security cameras in the immediate external area as well, providing coverage to the surroundings around a property. With a good security camera system, churches and daycares achieve two important goals.


Security cameras are essential in crime prevention because they make the successful completion of crime much more difficult. Criminals do not want witnesses to most crimes, especially theft or kidnapping. A camera is a witness that “never takes a break,” so in this case, cameras are extremely useful in raising the difficulty of certain crimes being committed.

Because of that, thieves who see a well-implemented security camera network will think twice about targeting a location, especially if it means having vital identifying features captured on tape. Someone attempting to kidnap a child from daycare, for example, won’t want to be clearly identified by a camera, and so will move on.

Investigation & Safety

Should a theft or other criminal activity take place, the other important aid that security cameras provide is information. Security cameras provide important information for identifying who is committing a crime, providing critical evidence that may be needed to charge someone in court.

In more extreme situations, such as a shooting, cameras can safely track the movements of an assailant without needing to send someone in to observe. Today’s digital security cameras are often wireless, and can remotely transmit their feed to authorized devices and account holders. This can be useful to the police.

Safety should be the first and foremost thing any church or daycare in Billings, MT can offer to visitors. With a good security camera system in place, this can be reinforced.