Reasons Why Construction Sites Need Video Security

March 13th, 2020

Buildings seem to be getting erected everywhere all the time, including right here in Billings. That is a good sign as it shows the economy is in good shape and businesses are able to open new shops. Regardless of whether a store, hospital, restaurant, office or something else is being built, the construction company needs to think outside of the box to secure the site. Failing to do so could prove to be a recipe for disaster.

Video security is one option that organizational leaders should consider. Cameras can be beneficial in various ways, some of which will be discussed here a little later on. If nothing else, the devices will provide the business owner with peace of mind in knowing that he or she did everything in their power to safeguard the property. Now, this article is going to switch gears and talk about the pros associated with construction site security cams. Hence, curious Billings supervisors should read on to learn more.


Deter Burglars With Video Security

Various studies indicate that CCTV systems deter burglars. Why? Well, they do not want to have their faces, license plates, and more captured on video. They know that if they allow that to happen, the cops will be able to identify them. Then, the thieves will be arrested and thrown behind bars.

Thus, having visible surveillance cameras around the perimeter may cause the criminals to keep on walking down the sidewalk or driving down the street, to search for an easier target. Can your Billings construction company afford to replace materials that come up missing regularly? The answer is, probably not, so consider investing in cameras to, hopefully, keep burglars at bay and items on-site where they belong.


Use Surveillance Cameras To Make Fraudulent Injury Claims A Thing Of The Past

There are all sorts of things happening on a construction site. Machinery is continually on the move, and workers are usually using pieces of equipment that can be dangerous, like nail guns. Sure, real accidents can occur and leave persons injured. However, on other occasions, an employee may fake an ailment. Or, maybe, they misbehave or act negligently and cause the incident.

Either case can lead to the organization having to pay out a lot of money.
Meanwhile, when cameras are in place, managers can go back and review the footage to see what really went down. If the video reveals that the worker is, in fact, faking, the employer can use the evidence to discredit the claim, saving the business funds in the process.


Video Security Makes For An All-Around Safer Work Environment

There are plenty of places for criminals to hide around construction sites, and their intentions may not have anything to do with stealing materials. A rapist could lurk around in the shadows, waiting for a worker to walk by and strike. Then again, a person wishing to inflict violence on an employee, for no apparent reason, might hideout until the time is right too. When the construction site has security cameras, workers can get more done throughout the day as they know monitors have their backs and are continually on the lookout for suspicious characters.


Don’t hesitate to contact DIS Technologies for your construction site video security needs.