Three Reasons Your Security Professional Also Needs To Be An IT Expert

September 27th, 2019

Security technology has changed dramatically over the past ten years. As technology advances as a whole, security hardware and software manufacturers have embraced these technologies as a way to improve security. These technologies use some of the same advanced technologies as our computer systems and smart devices. Security systems can use everything from wireless technology to Bluetooth signals to live streaming over the internet. Therefore, nowadays, a truly successful security professional also needs to have a lot of knowledge about IT. Here are the three reasons why:

1. Storage Technology Has Changed

Once upon a time all security footage was stored on VHS tapes or DVDs. Nowadays, they are stored either on large physical servers or cloud-hosted servers. Security professionals need to not only know about the specs of these storage technologies to help pick the right one for their customers, they need to understand how to interface security hardware like surveillance cameras, motion detectors, and access control systems with the storage units. Furthermore, they need to understand how to troubleshoot and service these storage devices. All of these things require IT knowledge and skills.

2. Security Cameras Have Advanced

Once upon a time, all security cameras were analog. That means they just needed to be hardwired into the property. Analog security camera installation required more knowledge of construction techniques than IT skills. However, nowadays, security cameras are typically wireless and utilize internet protocol (IP) technologies. Both of these technologies need a strong knowledge-base in IT. Security professionals need to understand bandwidth, signal strength and reach, and how to set up communication between monitors and cameras. These newer cameras also have more flexibility and capabilities than analog cameras. So they also need to be programmed for the specific use. 

3. Systems Require Both Hardware And Software

Not that long ago a security setup was basically all hardware based. You’d put up an analog security camera that would capture the footage. The footage would stream through the wires to a monitor where you could watch the footage. Then a hardware recording device would be connected to record and store the footage. This is no longer the case. Now security cameras have software that allows you to tweak the specifications. The monitors haven’t changed much, but the recording and reviewing devices have changed dramatically. Recording devices now also come with software that needs to be programmed. These new software pieces require a lot of IT skills and knowledge.

At DIS Technologies, we have seen how much new technologies have changed our industry. We have worked diligently to keep up with these changes. We constantly train our staff on the latest tools and IT features, to make sure they understand how every system works. We also work directly with our manufacturers to make sure that we are able to implement the latest and greatest technologies as soon as they hit the market. If you are looking for the most advanced security system, give us a call. Our security professionals are also experts in IT.