Linking Access Control And Building Automation System Offers These Benefits

August 30th, 2019

Organizations have to take a more in-depth approach to safety and security today than they may have had to in the past. It is not enough to merely install heavy-duty locks on doors and windows anymore. Rather, Billings businesses must mount security cameras, access control panels, and more to ensure employees, guests, and assets are adequately protected. Additionally, many structures have building automation systems that allow lighting, air conditioning, and other systems to be managed from a centralized location.

Combining a Billings company's building automation and access control systems can prove to be extremely beneficial. The combination is ideal for enhancing security as well as operations. For one, the programs will collect data on how agents and visitors use the building. It can help the security team deploy resources to trouble areas quickly to protect against threats. The info can even show leaders where additional fire alarms need to be placed.

Save Money By Linking Systems

Heating and cooling bills can wreak havoc on a Billings organization's budget. Everything depends on how big the building is, how efficiently the HVAC unit is running, and how much the electric company is charging per kilowatt. An integrated system helps the property owner see what areas are highly populated during what hours of the day. By gaining this insight, he or she can figure out which sectors need a little extra help at a specific time to maintain a constant temperature. Making an adjustment here or there can reduce energy consumption and save the business some money.

Conjoined Systems Enhance Safety

Fire alarms can be linked to building automation and access control systems too. The action will assure that the business owner has created a safe workplace environment. It ensures that the fire department, police, and other emergency officials will arrive on-site promptly. Plus, viewing the access control system can show managers what employees are still inside and where they are located. As such, the information can assist rescuers in getting to them quickly and remove them from harm's way.

Take This Measure To Improve Security

Everywhere you look, the United States appears to be a dangerous place right now. Stories about shootings, bombings, and other violent acts are continually gracing the headlines. There have even been accounts of disgruntled employees taking out their anger on co-workers. With access control and video surveillance, you will be able to tell when an unauthorized person enters the building. Then again, it will also reveal when somebody who doesn't belong goes into another secure part of the property as well.

With any luck, the monitors will spot the individual via outdoor security cameras and lock down the structure before they get inside. However, if he or she does slip inside, the combined systems will allow your security team to spring into action. The guards might be able to take care of the matter themselves, or they may have to call in the police. Either way, they can eliminate the threat faster with the help of modern technology.

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