Doing Certain Tasks After Christmas Could Make Your Home A Target For Burglars

December 27th, 2019

People all across the nation, including those right here in Billings, go above and beyond to make their homes safe and secure. For example, they have an alarm system installed to ensure that local officials arrive on the scene promptly when a disaster strikes. Also, some persons choose to mount surveillance cameras around the perimeter to deter criminals. Various studies indicate that the security systems serve as deterrents.

However, should the burglar or vandal decide to take action anyway, the equipment will record the event in crisp detail. Then, officers can utilize the footage to identify and apprehend the suspect, getting them off the streets. Plus, if the homeowner elects to go with a 24/7 video monitoring provider, he or she gains peace of mind in knowing that somebody is watching their back. 

Then again, some Billings people like to take their security measures a bit further. They have keyless locks, access control systems, and more installed. As anyone can see, the list can go on and on and on. Yet, if a criminal wants inside a place bad enough, they will find a way in. So, don't make your house an easy target after Christmas. Instead, heed this advice to keep burglars and thieves at bay.


Avoid Leaving Boxes Out By The Curb For Trash Pick-Up

People receive all sorts of goodies for Christmas. For instance, typical gifts include televisions, jewelry, and video game consoles. All of the items are usually pricey, and if a burglar sees the packaging out by the curb, he or she will know that a big payday could be awaiting them inside. Hence, persons should break the boxes down and take them to a location where they can be recycled. Or, individuals may just want to wake up early on the morning of trash pick-up and get rid of the units right then and there. Thus, thieves will likely stay away as they won't be able to tell what is inside the home.


Close Curtains Or Shades, Especially When Nobody Is Home

Allowing anyone and everyone to see inside the house can prove to be a recipe for disaster. Most burglars are opportunists, which means they don't necessarily scope a place out. However, if they happen to be walking by and notice a 70-inch TV staring at them from the window, they will surely pounce on the opportunity. If all of the lights are off, and no cars are parked in the driveway, the criminal or criminals will assume that nobody is home, and the score will be easy pickings. So, do yourself a favor and close your blinds or curtains to assure that prying eyes can't see inside the structure.


Be Sure To Lock All Doors And Windows

Believe it or not, most burglars don't have to jimmy open doors or windows to get inside a home. Rather, they often just slip right in through an unlocked entry point. Although closing locks may seem like a simple task, you might be surprised to find out how many people forget to do it. Don't make things easy for thieves. Instead, make sure that your locks are locked. If nothing else, this action will at least assure that they have to work hard to steal your belongings.


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