Five Things That Make Your Home A Prime Target For Burglars

November 14th, 2019

Five Things That Make Your Billings Home A Prime Target For Burglars

Burglars are usually pretty smart. Many of them are career criminals who know exactly how to target a Billings home, get in and out undetected, and make off with your valuables. So one of the best ways to prevent burglary is to think like a burglar. There are certain things that burglars always look for when planning a break-in. If you can recognize these things and remedy them, you’ll be less likely to be targeted. Here’s X things burglars always look for when picking their target:


  1. Overgrown Landscaping


Overgrown landscaping is usually a sign that the homeowner is not around often. Burglars look for yards with unmowed lawns as the first clue that a family may be on vacation or rarely home. Make sure to always keep up on your landscaping. If you are traveling, hire a landscaping service to take care of your yard while you are gone.


  1. Keeping Your Lights Off


Burglars typically want to avoid the homeowner at all costs. So they tend to target Billings homes where it looks like the homeowner is gone. Keeping the lights off is a good idea if you are frugal, but you could be unwittingly letting burglars know they can break in. Consider investing in LEDs which are less expensive to operate. Linked to a smart device, you can set them on a timer which will both save money and make it look like someone is always home.


  1. You Have Expensive Items On Display


When burglars are picking a target, they typically case the homes in your area. One of the things they do is to look in the windows to see what items are out. If you have a lot of expensive items out including jewelry, electronics, and cash, they know that they can run in and grab what they need and get out quickly. Instead, make sure your windows all have coverings so no one can see inside. Next lock up all your expensive items and store them out of sight.


  1. You Follow A Routine


As stated before, burglars case homes before robbing them. If they’ve picked yours, they will watch your behavior and find the optimal time to break in. If you leave for work and come home everyday at the same time, they will take note and target you. If your schedule allows, you should mix it up a bit and try to have more variation in your hours.


  1. You Do Not Have A Security System


Burglars do not want to get caught. So they tend to avoid homes with alarm systems and surveillance cameras that can alert Billings law enforcement to their presence. Simply having a security system installed can be the more effective deterrent to ever being robbed.


At DIS Technologies, we can help. We’ve been serving Billings since 1964, so we know all the tricks local burglars use to target homes. We also know how to stop them. Give us a call and we’ll go over some great security options to protect your home.