How Surveillance Cameras Can Benefit Homeowners

April 10th, 2020

Billings citizens have different ideas when it comes to how to keep their homes and family members safe. Some folks elect to adopt a dog from a shelter or purchase one from a pet store. Canines are a great choice for those wanting friendship as well as protection. In fact, a study even revealed that barking dogs and CCTV systems served as deterrents to former career criminals. Therefore, when it comes to security, there is nothing wrong with getting a pooch.

However, that alone may not be enough. For instance, if a burglar isn't scared off by the pet, he or she might be able to distract the pup with food. Not to mention, dogs often become extended members of the family. As such, if your companion attempts to protect you from an intruder, the animal could get injured or killed, and nobody wants that.


Additionally, some persons decide to buy guns for their households. Yet, having them on-site can sometimes lead to disaster. According to, gunshot wounds caused 2,549 child deaths in the United States in 2014. Meanwhile, another 13,576 kids sustained injuries from gunshots during the same year.


Surveillance Cameras Can Prove To Be A Suitable Alternative

As mentioned earlier, former career criminals have suggested that CCTV systems are deterrents. So, there is a good chance that if burglars, home invaders, or vandals see visible devices around the structure, they may avoid breaking into it altogether. Instead, the crooks will continue walking or driving past the Billings location to find an easier, less secure target. Hence, by having the devices installed at your house, the action could wind up preventing things like...

  • Kidnapping
  • Rape
  • And Assault


A Doorbell Camera Can Help Homeowners Catch Porch Pirates In The Act

More and more consumers are purchasing products online these days. Who can blame them, though? The process is extremely easy and convenient. With a few keystrokes, swipes of a finger, or clicks of a mouse, a person can buy something that he or she needs and have it delivered right to their door. If folks aren't careful and don't take some precautions, they may be out of a lot of money. Thieves also commonly called porch pirates scout neighborhoods looking for packages just sitting alone outside.


Many times, they run up, steal the boxes, and sneak away without anyone ever being the wiser. A doorbell camera is a perfect solution for stopping such instances. The device can send alerts to the homeowner's smartphone whenever someone approaches the entrance. Some models even come equipped with microphones that allow for two-way communication, which means the individual might be able to scare the criminal off. The Billings property owner can also turn the footage over to the police as necessary so that officers can identify and arrest the suspect.


Solve Household Disputes With Video Security

When there is more than one child in a house, it is not uncommon for items to get broken on occasion. For example, one kiddo could have been running wild through the living room, only to crash into a table and smash a vase, while the other was sitting on the couch reading a book. Finding out who is actually to blame can be easier said than done, as both children may begin pointing fingers at one another. Before getting upset and punishing each child, parents can review their surveillance system to see what really took place.


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