Know This About Gated Communities And Crime

April 12th, 2019

A lot of people move into gated communities because the places feel like fortresses. They give them peace of mind as the entire neighborhood is surrounded by a fence. Plus, there is usually one or two gates where people can enter or exit. Residents and visitors must punch in an access code, swipe a keycard, or check in with an attendant to get inside the community. So, on the surface, it would appear that all Billings citizens should move to such locations.

Hold your horses though. Don't run right out and purchase a house in a gated community just yet. Instead, use the smartphone attached to your hand for more than taking selfies and playing on social media. Research gated community crime rates to find out how safe these places really are. Gated communities have fewer burglaries according to most studies, but often, residents have to worry about other types of crimes such as...

  • Bullying
  • Domestic Violence
  • Vandalism
  • And Assault

Thus, before interested Billings consumers jump the gun and spend their hard earned money on a home in a gated community, they should do the legwork to be sure that they know exactly what they are getting themselves into. Television shows make these neighborhoods out to be the safest places in the world. Rather than crimes occurring, the programs depict storylines of love interests with a little drama and comedy thrown in the mix. However, this is real life, and there are no writers creating scenarios. So, curious Billings persons should continue reading to learn more about the ins and outs of living in a gated community.

Some Gates Offer Better Protection Than Others

In some instances, the gates have a security guard posted at them 24/7. Hence, guests and residents alike must check in with the professional to enter the gated community. Not all of the sentries are armed, but having them on-sight ensures that they can promptly contact the authorities if an incident arises. In other cases, the gates are unmanned. They stay open for an ample amount of time to allow each car to pass, but sometimes, they stay open too long, which gives criminals plenty of time to sneak inside. On a final note for this section, it is possible for the gate to malfunction. It will remain open until repairs are made. When this happens, people can come and go as they please, so, how safe can you truly be?

This And That About Security Codes

When access or security codes are part of the equation, anybody can get their hands on the correct numbers. How? Well, residents tend to give the figures out to friends, family members, and even delivery services and contractors. If the code gets written down in a car, a mere passerby could see it. Also, if an organization's computer system gets hacked, once again, the code will be in the hands of criminals.

Have A Professionally Monitored Home Security System Installed

If you decide to move into a gated community, consider getting a high-quality security system. While gates and fences decrease crimes of opportunity, they also make homeowners lax when it comes to their safety and well being. When those two things are the primary topics on concern, one should never become permissive. So, take the extra initiative to keep you and your loved ones safely out of harm's way with a top of the line security system.