Porch Security Cameras Benefit Any Home

January 23rd, 2019

Porch Security Cameras Benefit Any Home 

If you ask your neighbors, co-workers, families, or friends when they think burglaries and break ins are most likely to occur, you’re sure to get a lot of similar answers. Typically, when one thinks of a burglary, they think of a person wearing dark colors, sneaking into homes in the dead of night to ensure they’re not seen. However, a 2016 study shatters this commonly held belief, and shows that the majority of burglaries happen during the day when homeowners are at work and their children are at school. An empty home is far more attractive than one hosting a sleeping family, and empty homes are most likely to be found during the day. 

Additionally, burglars don’t sneak to the back of the home, crawl in through hidden windows, or sneak through basement doors. The most inconspicuous way for burglars to get in during the day is through the front door, and they’re likely to casually walk right up to the porch and enter inside as you or a familiar friend would. 

Why Opt For A Porch Security Camera? 

Since most burglaries happen during the day, and most happen casually through the front door, it only makes sense to invest in a porch security camera. A few reasons to consider the installation of a porch security camera include: 

  • They’re typically the least secure areas – Because of the commonly held belief that burglars come in the night and enter in through the back door, it’s the front door and the porch that’s typically the least protected. With these surprising new 2016 findings, it’s more important than ever to ensure the security of the front portion of your home. 
  • They may catch potential burglars – Burglars very rarely, if ever, randomly pick a home in the Billings, MT region. Instead, they do their homework. Slowly driving or walking by, burglars try to learn your routine first, casing your house to ensure they’ll have free entry when they choose to carry out their crime. Your porch security camera may be able to pick up potential burglars before they strike as they spend time getting to know your entryway and your schedule. 
  • They can deter crime – Burglaries, vandalism, and theft can all hit homes in the Billings, MT region. By having a security system on your porch on full display, would-be criminals may skip your home and perhaps even your neighbors’ homes altogether. When the camera is spotted, or they’re alerted to its presence, they’ll know that their actions will be caught on tape and able to be used as evidence against them. Neighbors may be safer as well if criminals are not quite sure just how much area the footage can catch. 

Come Home As Usual With A Porch Security Camera 

Coming home to find your home has been broken in to is a violating feeling. You and your family will feel as though your safety and security has been stripped away from you. What your porch security camera provides is a way to keep your security and feel at home each time you arrive back after a long day.