A Construction Site Should Have A Good Security System

December 6th, 2019

Construction sites are always temporary, and so many Billings, MT construction companies don’t feel a need to invest too much in a security system to guard them.  After all, security features can be expensive to set up and maintain, and everything you add to the site is something you’ll have to remove once you’re done.  However, temporary security systems are now cheaper and easier to find than ever.  That means the benefits of installing construction security now easily outweigh the issues.


Material Protection


Building construction uses a lot of materials like copper wiring, ceramic tiles, wooden flooring, insulation, and so on.  These materials aren’t as obviously valuable as jewelry or cash, but it’s also easier to steal them from unguarded construction sites and sell them off to scrapyards that don’t ask too many questions.  Materials lost to thieves come out of your construction company’s profits and can set a project back by days or even weeks, so a few basic security features like surveillance cameras and a locked fence are worth the trouble for preventing theft.


Equipment Monitoring


Just like your construction materials, your heavy equipment is important and valuable and can sometimes go missing from a construction site.  Modern construction equipment comes with things like theft prevention and GPS signals, but then a lot of construction companies in Billings, MT still use old equipment that does the job fine but doesn’t have as many modern features.  Fortunately, security companies can help you add extra anti-theft features to your heavy machinery.


Visitor And Trespasser Safety


In most states, companies don’t have an obligation to keep their premises safe for trespassers.  However, it’s never good for someone to get hurt on your construction site even if it’s a couple of kids playing around where they aren’t supposed to be.  You also need to make sure that regular visitors can stay safe even if they wander off on their own.  Safety features like access controls, alerts, and security cameras can help your staff keep track of people whether they’re supposed to be on the property or not.


Employee Evaluation


Security cameras don’t just show you the people who shouldn’t be on the work site, they show you the people who are.  Not every construction employee is as dedicated to the job as they ought to be, and it can be useful to see who keeps taking extra-long breaks and who keeps talking during their shift when they should be working.  This sort of information can help you decide who should stay on for the next job or the next season and who you can afford to let go.


Construction sites might not be filled with valuables like a store or a house, but they still have to worry about thieves, vandals, and kids who think playing around in a half-built home is fun.  Security systems can deter and catch these people, and fortunately these systems are more mobile now than ever.  So if you want strong security for a temporary site in Billings, MT, contact DIS Technologies today.