How Affected Are You By Shoplifters

March 27th, 2020

Retail shop owners in Billings, MT often have an idyllic view of their stores and their operation. Sure, shoplifters might slip through the cracks, but the vast majority of your customers come to you to shop, not shoplift. You treat them well, and your Billings, MT customers keep coming back propelling you to success with each and every visit. Most Billings, MT shop owners know that burglaries and vandalism are potential threats, but what about inventory loss?


An estimated 1 in 11 individuals in the United States admit to shoplifting from local stores and retailers. That is approximately 27 million shoplifters in the United States today. Not only are there are lot of shoplifters in the United States, but there are very few who get caught. On average, a shoplifter might be caught by a shop owner 1 in every 48 shoplifting opportunities they take. This means that a shoplifter will steal inventory from a store nearly 50 times before they are caught even once. For those who are particularly adept at shoplifting, those number could be even higher.


What Can Store Owners Do?


There are a number of things that store owners can do to curb shoplifting in their local stores. Retailers depend on their inventory as their lifeblood, and inventory theft takes that lifeblood right out from under them. A few things store owners can do to limit or eliminate shoplifting in their stores are:


  • Install camera systems – One of the most effective strategies against shoplifting is installing security cameras. Shoplifters don’t want to be caught, and they certainly don’t want to face charges for their crimes. Ideally, they will go in, take what they want, and leave before store owners or employees think twice. When they know security cameras are watching them, they know the likelihood of getting caught is much higher, deterring them from committing the crime in the first place. Additionally, security footage also provides failsafe proof of shoplifting if it does occur.


  • Keep your store organized – An organized and open store is not just a store that easier to shop in, but it’s harder to shoplift in as well. Shoplifters won’t have a place to hide to stash their goods, and missing inventory will be far more noticeable on the shelf.


  • Train employees on what to look out for – Knowing what to look out for can help your employees to be your first line of defense. Common shoplifting behaviors should be part of the training process, so employees know when something suspicious might be happening right in front of their eyes.


Protecting Your Retail Store


Protecting your retail store is your best path to success, whether that protection is against burglaries, vandalism, or common shoplifting. If you’re considering a new security strategy for your store, our professionals can pair you with the security systems that work best for your space. For those looking to adopt better security, contact us at DIS Technologies to see what we have in store for you today.