How Security Equipment Can Ease Some COVID-19 Concerns

April 24th, 2020

COVID-19 is a serious issue, and it has a lot of people self-isolating at home in Billings so as not to get themselves or others sick. However, some of us have elderly family members and immunocompromised friends and relatives who may need some extra support during this time.

Social distancing also has us keeping at least six feet between ourselves and someone else, which can make everyday tasks a bit more challenging in some cases.

So what can we do to keep others safe without having to make any physical contact with them? How can we find workarounds to some of the more common issues we face with social distancing and sheltering in place?

This is where your security equipment can come into play. With everything going on in the world today and the virus spreading in MT, sales of home security systems in the US have increased significantly. This is because they can offer quick emergency access at home.

Doorbell Cameras

During this time, many of us choose not to answer our doors or speak to anyone face-to-face because the uncertainty is far too great. Many are also opting to have food and groceries delivered right to their door. Your doorbell cameras can make this process much easier to handle.

Instead of answering the door, you can check your cameras to see who is out there and use the communication feature many of them are equipped with to talk with your visitor.

Remote Monitoring

With remote monitoring, you can check in on your family members to make sure they are okay. Many people have had home security systems installed in the homes of their elderly family members so they can keep a close eye on them during this time. Remote monitoring offers families much greater peace of mind and gives them quick access to emergency services when they are needed.

The Surge Of Automation

Due to the health emergency we have on our hands, we also see a surge in automation for homes and businesses alike. With businesses closing their doors—with the exception of restaurants offering takeout and delivery—automation is essential to keep everyone in the loop. Restaurants are automating their systems to make it easier for people to order food for their families.

Additionally, many other businesses have moved the majority of their employees out of the office so they can work at home. For this, network security is also a must as it makes the transition easier for everyone.

As you can see, many aspects of our lives have been flipped upside down, and now is the time to take full advantage of everything that your home or business security equipment has to offer.

For more information on how you can use your security equipment to your advantage, or for questions on how you can upgrade your current system, contact the security professionals at DIS Technologies in Billings, MT today.