How Security Cameras Keep Children Safe In Schools

February 21st, 2020

We’ve all seen the tragic events on the news. Our schools are facing terrible threats from child predators to bullies to mass shooters. In these situations, we feel powerless to help protect our children. However, there is something we can do to help reduce the risks our children face. We can support the installation of a surveillance system at our Billings schools. Here are just some of the ways that surveillance cameras can help protect students.


Security Cameras Can Help Monitor An Emerging Threat


School shootings are happening at an unprecedented rate across the country and Billings schools are just as much at risk. Surveillance cameras can help because it gives school staff the ability to keep an eye on the entire school premises at once. That way if a shooter approaches, staff can be quickly notified and act fast to get our children out of harm’s way until law enforcement can respond.


Surveillance Cameras Keep Strangers Out


Another major threat facing our children is by kidnappers and child predators. These criminals are very bold and will often enter onto school property to target children. With surveillance cameras, school staff can monitor who is coming in and out of schools. They can identify any strangers and contact law enforcement in time to arrest the criminal. They can also provide evidence of any abuse or malfeasance that happens on school property whether from strangers or staff.


 Surveillance Cameras Help Fight Bullying


Bullying on the rise across the country and is a huge problem in Billings schools. Though most schools have adopted zero tolerance programs for bullies, it’s hard for staff to be everywhere at once to combat it. With surveillance cameras, staff can monitor schools grounds and capture and respond to any incidents of bullying. This allows teachers and staff to stop bullying and penalize bullies before a situation gets out of control.


Security Cameras Deter Vandals


Vandalism is often thought of as a financial threat. However, with the recent wave of hate crimes vandalism has taken on a new meaning. Beyond just simple graffiti or property destruction, vandalism now often comes in the form of hate speech and violent imagery that can be devastating to students. The mere presence of security cameras is often enough to deter vandals from targeting a school.


Security Cameras Helps Students Stay On Track


Students can also be rulebreakers themselves. Sometimes they’ll loiter in the hallways or sneak off the property to skip school. These rules exist to help protect our children. When they break them, they could be unwittingly putting themselves at risk. A security camera can help you catch students dangerously breaking the rules before anyone gets hurt.


At DIS Technologies, we specialize in school security. We know all the threats facing our children and have the affordable technology that schools need to help keep them safe. If you are looking for a way to protect your local Billings school, give us a call. We’ll create a customized security system that will help keep our children safe.