Schools Can Utilize Their Security Systems To Catch Vandals And Thieves During The COVID-19 Crisis

April 3rd, 2020

From primary to high school to college campuses, they have all been shutting down across the nation while the COVID-19 crisis is in full swing. That includes places right here in Billings. It is actually a really good move since the government is trying to limit the damage brought on by the coronavirus. However, if things continue to spiral out of control, and the unemployment level proceeds to rise, it is not unreasonable to think that burglars might target the schools.

Why? Well, they probably won't find cash just lying around everywhere. But, there are plenty of expensive electronics, pieces of art, and other things that can be stolen and sold to make a fast buck. If students are told to stay home for extended periods, and people don't have any money coming in, it is only a matter of time until campus break-ins begin occurring.

Vandals May Show Up Too

Vandalism is nothing new. People have been trying to curb it for years and years. Unfortunately, they have not always had good luck, though. The persons break things just to break them, paint on buildings, drive over landscaping such as buses or flower gardens, and more. All of the instances wind up costing the district money for repairs or clean up, which could be spent in much better ways, like on books. Therefore, Billings school officials need to think outside of the box while pupils are off to curb these problems.


Security Cameras Can Help With The Venture

Did you know that studies of former career criminals indicate that CCTV systems deter crimes? That is what research from The Guardian states. So, if Billings campuses already had surveillance cameras installed before the COVID-19 dilemma broke out, they could be in excellent shape. Burglars and vandals may continue searching for an easier target when they are up to no good. Meanwhile, schools that didn't invest in the equipment might not get off so lucky. If no visible devices or signs are present, thieves might break-in, steal valuables, and be gone before anyone is the wiser.

Hand The Footage Over To The Police

Should an incident occur, hopefully not, but if it does, officials can review the surveillance camera footage and turn it over to the local police department. In turn, detectives can review the video to look for clues. If the criminal slipped up and allowed his or her face, tattoos, or scars to get filmed, officers may be able to identify the suspect or suspects and make an arrest. Heck, they tape might even reveal a license plate number, car model, or something else that they can go on. 

If your school is in the market for new security cameras, don't hesitate to give our office a call. Now could be the perfect time to install them while the kids are out. Then again, the service can also be scheduled for a later date if that suits your needs better.

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