Feeling Safe and Secure Makes for a Better Commuting Experience

January 10th, 2020

Public commuters already have it rough. Even in the most efficient transportation systems, the road warrior experiences a lot of challenges, whether it is in the energy spent going to work or unforeseen obstacles that add to one’s everyday experience.


City officials and urban planners can easily change the tide from punishing to protective the next time opportunities for city-wide redesigning comes around. All it takes is an increase in perceived safety and security to turn a commuter’s frown upside down and make him ready to face the daily grind with a smile on his face.


Developing Safety to Prosper a Nation


Any city, including Billings, benefit well when its residents feel at ease when they are out of the house. Public transportation and commute are part of any major city hub, as it signals the boom of an economy. However, perceived changes in a city can be highly influential to the actual activities that occur there.


For instance, when commuters feel safer when they are in public transportation, this lessens the burden and worries that they have for the day. One way to do this is through increasing the perceived safety of commuters using security cameras, more visible security guards, and better lighting.


Presence of better security and improved technologies already have a massive effect on commuters. This is even more applicable for female commuters, who make up a huge part of any economy.


Creating a Safe Space Using Design


City design planning entails integrated safety measures and standards. This is the philosophy of the Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design. According to this belief, modern cities like Billings should incorporate safety into their urban planning to improve quality of life.


Improving facilities need to be more natural and in sync with city-wide planning. Natural surveillance can already be highly improved just by eliminating blind spots with strategically placed security cameras.


This goes beyond putting safety measures in public transportation systems--it also involves putting them in public places. Half of the time that commuters spent are on the road and in high-traffic areas. Danger can lurk in the rise of graveyard shifts. People who have shifts during this time tend to feel more unsafe, especially in a city that is not designed to monitor people 24/7 and provide feelings of safety and security all the time.


Extend the Feeling of Safety to Tourists


Beyond the city workers, improved perception of safety in the city can also be a boom for tourists that visit Billings. International travel has already increased, and with this comes the demand for better commuting experiences. Some travelers prefer to experience the city’s own mobility, hence the increase in travelers who commute in a new place.


One way to make them feel safe is to ensure that, despite the unfamiliar environment, they are secured because of surveillance weaved into the city design.


Make city residents feel safer in their hometown by providing only the highest quality technologies for surveillance and security in public spaces. DIS Technologies provides a wide range of commercial video surveillance that protects against threats, improves display effectiveness, and reduces theft and vandalism, so citizens and tourists can feel safe in the city.