The 10 Best Ways To Use Your Security Camera

July 19th, 2019

There are a lot of upgrades to a home that homeowners today can install. Thanks to the rise of technology and lowering costs, it’s easier than ever to get the upgrades that your home deserves without breaking the bank. And while homes are often equipped with a security camera, the way that you use that camera is really up to you. 

Since modern cameras link up to your mobile phone using an app, it’s easy to get exactly what you want from it. Here are ten of the big ways that homeowners use their cameras on a regular basis. 

One – Check The Front Door

When someone rings the doorbell and you are home, you can see who is there before you open the door – or before you even get off the couch. When you’re not home, you can still use your app to take a look at the door and see who is there – and even choose whether or not to let them in. 

Two – Protect The Garage Or Rear Entry

You’ll always want to keep your rear entry points protected. They’re obscured from the street, so adding a camera is important. 

Three – Check On Pets

If you’re not home, your four-legged friends may be. With a home camera, you can easily log into the app and check on them whenever you’re not there. This keeps them safe and gives you peace of mind. 

Four – Check on Parents

Elderly parents need to be taken care of, and your camera makes it easy to do just that. This way, you never need to worry when they’re alone. 

Five – Protect Sensitive areas

Whether it’s a gun safe, a pool, or some other high-risk area that you need to keep safe, a camera is a must.

Six – Check The Kids

Working parents need to know that their kids are safe, and the camera system lets you check on them when you’re away, when they get home from school, and more.

Seven – Monitor Deliveries

With your camera installed, you never have to worry about someone stealing your delivery if the postman leaves it on the front porch.

Eight – Protect Second Homes

Monitoring your second homes, rental properties, or even your home when you’re on vacation is important, and your cameras let you do just that.

Nine – Screen Visitors

Even if you’re not home, you can use your camera to let guests in. Just log into the app when you get an alert that someone is there and you can use the phone to unlock the door.

Ten – Review Major Events

When something happens in the home, the cameras will automatically switch on. When that happens, they record video for a set length of time. This means that you can review those moments when you need to, no matter what they are.

Simply put, your camera can give you a tremendous amount of flexibility and features. If you’re looking for the perfect way to get the most from your home and your security system, contact DIS to get started on your security system.