3 Issues That Correctional Facilities Continue to Face in 2020

April 17th, 2020

In as far as institutional facilities go, correctional facilities and jails have maintained an image that merges its old practices with few advances, especially in technological systems. This is not to say that jails and correctional institutions in Billings are not fully equipped to protect civilians from the inmates that are housed in these locations.


However, as far as security goes, there are still a number of issues that correctional facilities are steeped in. Indeed, to ensure that hardened criminals do not have easy access to escape outside or even contraband goods that can harm their time or themselves while inside, there needs to be a stricter implementation of security guidelines.


Safety For Both Inmates And Staff


Safety inside correctional facilities is a tricky matter. On the one hand, the goal is to ensure that the facility serves its purpose of letting them serve their time for their crime. However, violence and riots can happen in the blink of an eye. While inmate safety is an obvious priority, there is another facet that should not be ignored: the safety of the staff.


Breaking up fights, especially riots that involve a lot of inmates, can be very dangerous. When combined with other issues, such as overcrowding correctional facilities, it may become even harder to provide law and order. Staff will need to intervene, but it would help if they have technological support that will allow them to assess the situation from a safe viewpoint.


It would be even better if it would be a teamwork policy, wherein there will be staff that oversees crowd control from a bird’s eye view. This is where security systems can serve as a great assist.


Technological Advances That Maximize Threats Inside


Every city including Billings has seen fast advances in technology. Technically, this is an advantage for security in correctional facilities. Between the use of security cameras in strategic locations to detection systems, especially for visitation, technology should only be beneficial to keep inmates in proper order.


However, even technology is not spared when it comes to correctional facilities. The fact that more gadgets have become more compact is now posing as a problem. This has made it easier to bring in contraband based on technology. Concealing a device has never been as easy as it is now. 


It helps to have a monitoring system that will rely more than just physical checks after visitation. Thus, strategic security cameras, for instance, can become a good way to keep an eye on unusual behaviors from inmates.


Securing Perimeters


In cities like Billings, there are certain limitations that security in prisons and correctional facilities face. Note that prisons are not only composed of jail cells. They also have yards, cafeterias, and bathrooms, all of which require security as the guards cannot always keep an eye on inmates.


Research shows that overcrowding continues to be a threat inside correctional walls. Seamless integration of new technology for security is the ideal scenario. However, physical limitations, especially in creating solutions based on perimeters, are not even possible at this level.


As such, a good practice, even at its most basic, is establishing a monitoring system that is based on behaviors and movement of the inmates. While it may not be at par with maximum security facilities, it is a good first level towards building a more rigorous approach.


One can use proper security to examine the movement and behaviors of inmates to further secure interactions between them. At the same time, using security cameras in strategic locations can 


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