Reasons Why Physical Security Is Still Essential Today

December 31st, 2018

Every time a person flips on the news or checks the Internet today, all the headlines seem to be about cyber this and cyber that. Of course, that is not to say that cybersecurity is not important because it is. There always seems to be a threat lurking around every corner these days such as a data breach. Heck, even the United States elections are thought to have been influenced by hackers, but still, Billings businesses cannot afford to become lax on physical security.

Surveillance Cameras Promote A Safe Workplace

Organizations attempt to hire only the best employees possible. However, from time to time a bad apple slips through the cracks. If the company has to let the worker go, in turn, he or she could become disgruntled and try to cause others harm. For example, in 2017, a fired employee returned to his ex-job with a gun and opened fire on four co-workers. Later, he turned the gun on himself. In total, five people lost their lives that day at the Fiamma Inc. building.

While cameras may not be able to stop every attack, they allow monitors to see the threats ahead of time and warn employees to take cover. The devices are also useful for getting the police notified quickly, and with any luck, thwart the crime. If the person decides to partake in the offense anyway, the footage can be used as evidence so that the officers can arrest the person and bring them to justice.

Cams Help With Internal Threats Too

Not all company problems come from the outside. Sexual harassment, bullying, theft, and more are issues that businesses must deal with every day. In many cases, having a security system installed is enough to deter many workers from misbehaving. But still, some events happen. Research from the United States Chamber of Commerce estimates that employee thefts cost American organizations between $20 and $40-billion each year. With bottom lines and profits being so vital today, enterprises can't afford to sit back and do nothing.

Cameras can help monitors catch these criminals in the act, which will wind up saving the company a lot of money in the long run. Additionally, the recording can be the proof that management officials need to hand out punishments such as suspensions or firings. A few pencils here or there from the supply closet may not seem like a big deal, but the losses add up in the end. So, if for nothing else, have physical security measures put in place to prevent unfaithful employees from robbing you blind.

Don't Forget About Access Control

Physical access controls limit who can enter a building, room, or IT assets. Locks are used with badges, pass codes, or other forms of identification to allow access or prevent the person from getting into somewhere that they don't belong. It is a tool that can prove to be useful for all kinds of businesses. Hence, interested Billings organizations should discuss the option with a professional security company to assure that their structure is safeguarded and protected.